Counseling, Leadership and Expressive Arts

Our programs focus on holistic clinical mental health counseling, clinical rehabilitation counseling, holistic leadership and applications of the expressive and creative arts.

These graduate-level training programs recognize that the integration of body, mind and spirit are crucial to the well being of individuals and organizations. Our inclusive, interdisciplinary programs develop important skills in interpersonal communication, critical thinking and problem solving, providing a foundation to creatively facilitate change, healing and self-discovery.

Our graduates are prepared to work in a variety of fields, including clinical mental health counseling, rehabilitation counseling, education, substance abuse programs, medical caregiving and other professional settings.

With courses available at our Newport campus, our Center for Adult Education in Warwick and online, our programs offer working students a flexible schedule and an opportunity to facilitate the completion of their degree.

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Course Spotlight

The Psychology of Group Process

Graduate Program in Holistic Counseling

The study of small groups is multifaceted and cuts across many social science disciplines. This course provides a framework through which to view group development as it applies to the helping professions. The course provides practical experience in group process, group interventions and group facilitation. Students learn to identify different group types, establish group norms, understand the evolution of a typical group and become familiar with ethical issues and standards of practice in group work. Students practice leading...