M.A. in Holistic Counseling and CAGS in Mental Health: Concentration in Holistic Counseling

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The 60-credit M.A. and CAGS program in mental health with a concentration in holistic counseling offers the coursework needed to sit for the licensure exam as a mental health counselor in the state of Rhode Island.

To earn this degree and certificate, students complete courses in holistic counseling along with two advanced internship seminars and an additional 1,000-hour internship.

Upon graduation, the Rhode Island Board of Mental Health Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists requires a candidate for licensure to complete two years (2,000 hours) of relevant counseling experience in the workplace, and to receive 100 hours of clinical supervision from a board-approved supervisor.

Required courses:

  • HLC500: Research Methods
  • HLC504: Foundations of Counseling and Leadership Theory From a Holistic Perspective
  • HLC505: Interpersonal Helping Skills
  • HLC507: The Body/Mind Connection
  • HLC508: Human Growth and Development
  • HLC509: Theories of Counseling
  • HLC513: Couple and Family Counseling
  • HLC515: Assessment and Treatment Planning
  • HLC516: Group Process
  • HLC530: Practicum in Counseling I
  • HLC531: Practicum in Counseling II
  • HLC540: Psychological Health and Search for Meaning
  • HLC570: Internship and Seminar I
  • HLC571: Internship and Seminar II
  • HLC600: Career Counseling
  • HLC601: Cultural Awareness in Counseling
  • HLC608: Advanced Internship I
  • HLC609: Advanced Internship II

Students also choose six credits from the following:

  • HLC525: Clinical Language Skills
  • HLC535: Introduction to Expressive Sound
  • HLC575: Healing and Transformation
  • HLC578: Body and Personal Myth: A Jungian Perspective
  • HLC579: Grief Counseling
  • HLC582: Introduction to the Expressive and Creative Arts as Transformation
  • HLC584: Movement, Creativity and Consciousness: An Introduction
  • HLC587: Gender in Counseling
  • HLC588: Working With Young People
  • HLC592: The Arts, Nature and Eco-Consciousness
  • HLL519: Introduction to Holistic Leadership Perspectives
  • HLL520: Leading Holistically: Cross-Cultural Competence
  • HLL522: Creative Intervention Skills: Part I
  • HLL523: Creative Intervention Skills: Part II
  • HLL527: Leading System Change and Transformation

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