Nursing (RN-BSN)

Our bachelor's degree in nursing is designed for licensed registered nurses who graduated from an accredited program awarding an associate degree or a diploma in nursing with a minimum cumulatitive GPA of 2.7. They must also have an active license as a registered nurse. Upon completion of the program, students are prepared to continue their education for a master's degree or doctorate in nursing.

To earn the B.S. in nursing, students complete 131 credits. Students are automatically granted 58 credits for their prior educational preparation as a registered nurse. Other coursework taken during the licensing process or more recently may also be eligible for transfer. Students must take a minimum of 36 credits at Salve Regina to earn the bachelor's degree.

Have a quick question about our program? Contact our enrollment counselor, Claudia Cordon.

Required Courses

In addition to completing the requirements of our Core Curriculum, the courses required specifically for this track of the nursing major are:

  • NUR148A: Transitioning into Professional Nursing
  • NUR216A: Healthcare Informatics
  • NUR332A: Holistic Health Assessment and Health Promotion
  • NUR336A: Research and Evidence-Based Practice
  • NUR436A: Families in Transition: Aging and End-of-Life Care (has a concurrent experiential learning course)
  • NUR444A: Public Health and Disaster Response Planning
  • NUR446A: Leadership and Management
  • NUR475A: Service Learning

Registered nurses who hold a B.S. in a non-nursing major are admitted to the degree completion track as second degree students and only need to fulfill two religion courses and the required nursing courses.

In addition, Salve Regina offers a joint bachelor's/master's program leading to a master's degree in health care administration and management, providing a viable option for students wishing to further their study.

St. Joseph "3 Plus 1" Program

Salve Regina and St. Joseph School of Nursing have developed a "3 plus 1" academic progression model that allows eligible St. Joseph graduates to earn their B.S. in nursing by attending a fourth year of coursework at Salve Regina's Center for Adult Education in Warwick. Eligible students include those who have signed an intent to pursue form for the "3 plus 1" transitional track and have progressed through the required Salve Regina coursework beginning in their freshman year at St. Joseph School of Nursing.

For more information on the "3 plus 1" transitional track and the recommended program of study, and for a review of potential transfer credit from other institutions, contact Joanna Senay, director of continuing education at (401)341-2212 or