First Year Experience

The Center for Student Development recognizes the importance of students' transition into college life. First-year students meet new people, learn more about themselves, discover new ideas, collaborate with professors and live on their own, for perhaps the first time.

The First Year Experience (FYE) helps students become familiar with Salve Regina, develop the skills necessary for college success, and identify campus resources and services, along with opportunities for leadership and service.


A collaborative and required welcoming program, Explorientation consists of activities that support students in meeting new people, learning about Salve Regina and its campus and preparing for a successful year in college. During Explorientation, students meet their First Year Experience peer mentor, a current student who supports new students as they transition into Salve Regina's social and scholarly community. Explorientation begins the morning of Labor Day, when all new students meet their First Year Transitions cohort.

FYT100: First Year Transitions

A required one-credit course, First Year Transitions helps new students transition into University life and gain important information and skills that are essential to their success. To accomplish this, students participate in a variety of activities, assignments and discussions to help them locate and use campus resources, set goals, manage time and identify personal health and well-being strategies.

FYE Peer Mentor Program

FYE peer mentors are sophomores, juniors or seniors who co-facilitate First Year Transitions with an instructor. Peer mentors serve as a resource to new and first-year students and provide students with a perspective of life at Salve Regina. The relationships that new students form with their mentors are admirable and advantageous.