Resumes and Interviewing


A resume is a professional marketing document that you will need to apply for jobs or internships. It’s never too early to create a professional resume, and our career advisers are happy to help. Whether you are starting from scratch or just need to update what you have, we can help you highlight exactly what employers want to see.

Our guide to resume writing, along with several resume samples, can be found in the resource library section of the Salve Regina Gateway. Students who review their resume with a career adviser and upload their resume into their Gateway account will receive full access to all employer contact information.

To start the process, schedule an appointment through Gateway or call (401) 341-2913.


Interviews are typically required during the job search process, and it is vital that you plan and prepare for this important conversation. Employers expect candidates to have researched their company and to describe why they would be a good fit “in this position” and “at this firm.” This may sound easy on the surface, but describing your own experiences can be difficult, and marketing yourself with confidence is even harder.

Our guide to interviewing, along with sample interview questions, can be found online in the resource library section of Gateway.

Mock Interviews

You are encouraged to schedule a mock interview with our office. Tell your career adviser what types of positions or companies you are targeting, and your adviser will ask interview questions appropriate to that industry. After the mock interview, you and your adviser will work together to constructively critique your performance. This is a great way to get some feedback and practice your interviewing skills before it counts.

Additionally, we regularly bring employers to campus as part of the mock interview program, allowing you to further practice their interviewing skills with these industry professionals. Call (401) 341-2913 for more information and to schedule a mock interview.