Resident Advisors

Resident Advisors complete an extensive training program that offers them an opportunity to develop valuable interpersonal and organizational skills.

Successful candidates will have the desire and be willing to accept the commitment necessary to make a difference in the lives of their peers. These individuals must possess qualities of leadership, organization and genuine compassion towards their fellow students.

Questions about the RA position or the selection process should be directed to the Office of Campus Life at (401) 341-2210 or

Resident Advisor FAQ

What does the RA selection process entail?

There are three parts to the process:
  • The application: Includes essays and two letters of recommendation.
  • The group interview: During the group process, you will participate in various activities with a group of fellow candidates.
  • The individual interview: You will meet with a group of professional staff members and RAs and be asked a series of questions. Individual interviews will be held the same day as the group interviews.

Do I have to attend an information session?

No. Information sessions are highly encouraged, but not mandatory.

Will the compensation I receive affect my financial aid?

It could. Each individual's financial aid package is different. To determine if it will affect your situation specifically, call the Office of Financial Aid at (401) 341-2901.

What GPA is required to be an RA?

You must be a currently enrolled full-time student with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.

Who supervises the RAs?

RAs are supervised by area coordinators or resident directors, professional live-in staff members who are supervised by the director of campus life.

When is RA training?

For fall training, RAs return to campus two weeks before the beginning of fall semester. For winter training, RAs return to campus one week before the beginning of spring semester.

If I have a conflict, can I miss training or be late for it?

No. Attending RA training is a requirement for holding the position. However, if special situations arise, permission must be gained through the director of campus life.

What time requirements will I have on a regular basis?

  • Weekly staff meetings with your area coordinator
  • Biweekly one-on-one meetings with your area coordinator
  • Making rounds (duty) in your residence hall
  • Attend monthly all-staff/in-service meetings

Can I hold another job on or off campus?

RAs who wish to work another job must have prior approval from their area coordinator and can work no more than 10 hours a week. You cannot hold a work-study position, and the RA job has to be your primary commitment.

Can I be an RA and an athlete?

Yes, but both roles require a large amount of commitment. We ask that your job as an RA come before everything other than academics. You should discuss your intentions to be an RA with your coach before applying.

Can I still be an RA if I have been through the conduct system?

Each candidate is evaluated individually. Your student conduct record is reviewed and you will be asked during the interview about any incidents. It is a factor in our decision.

Can I choose what building I want to be in?

You have an opportunity to share your preferences on where you think you would thrive best during the individual interview. Ultimately, placement is determined by the Office of Campus Life and is based on the needs of the building. Our selection process allows us to get a good idea of where you would fit.

Who can be a reference for me?

Professors, employers, advisers, coaches, RAs - anyone who can discuss your ability to work with other people can be used as references. Your parents, relatives and friends cannot be used.

Do I already need to know how to confront people or deal with emergencies?

No previous skills are required to be an RA. All staff members are thoroughly trained on any potential situation before the academic year starts.

What happens if I do not get selected for a position?

You are welcome to reapply during the next selection process. We will also offer alternate positions to a group of qualified candidates who we can't hire because we don't have enough positions to offer. In either case, your application will stay on file and will be considered if any positions become available after the main selection process ends (with alternates having priority consideration).