Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum allows students to contemplate the compatibility of faith and reason and the ideals of the Catholic intellectual tradition, including the distinctive values lived by the Sisters of Mercy.

Part I: University Seminars

Small seminars focusing on critical reading and written communication skills. A variety of topics are offered, with faculty teaching what they know and love.

  • Fall semester: UNV101 (3 credits)
  • Spring semester: UNV102 (3 credits)

Part II: Faith and Reason

Specifically designated common courses in religious and theological studies and philosophy.

  • RTS210: Christianity in Dialogue with World Religions (3 credits)
  • PHL220: Philosophy and Responsibility (3 credits)

Part III: Exploring the Liberal Arts

Part A: Link Past, Present and Future

At least eight courses across four themes, with at least two courses in each theme from different disciplines.


  • What is Western Heritage? Ancient and Modern
  • Defining the American Experience
  • Building Global Awareness
  • Engaging Creative, Aesthetic and Spiritual Experience

Part B: Seek Truth, Pursue Goodness, Encounter Beauty

  • 6 credits in foreign languages
  • 3 credits in mathematics
  • 6 credits in social sciences
  • 3 credits in literature
  • 3 credits in history
  • 4-6 credits in sciences
  • 3 credits in visual/performing arts
  • 3 credits in religious studies
  • 3 credits in philosophy

Part IV: Integrating and Applying Knowledge

Integration of core with major through research, information literacy, creative activity or experiential learning (3 credits).