Racquel Jean-Louis ‘17

Theatre arts major Racquel Jean-Louis and Reggie Phoenix, associate professor and artistic director of the Casino Theatre, revisit Jean-Louis's growth as an actor and her Salve Regina journey as she prepares for graduate school.

Legal Proceeding: After being accepted to all 14 law schools that she applied to, Clarissa Verleur ’17 will attend Washington and Lee University, indulging her interests in intellectual property, real estate and international trade.

Clarissa Verleur ‘17

Dan Regan '17

Global studies and political science major Dan Regan '17 joins Sinan Zeino '16 to discuss the Salve Regina mission and how Regan plans to work with underserved and displaced peoples after attaining a master's degree from Columbia University.

Brain Games: A budding interest in the complexities of the human brain led Andrew Karp ’17 (M) to pursue clinical experiences in neuropsychology.

Andrew Karp '17 (M)

Sasha Arias '17

An administration of justice major with a concentration in juvenile justice, Sasha Arias '17 talks with Dr. Robin Hoffmann about how the challenges of her youth prepared her for a career helping children in her new position at Tides Family Services.

Seeking Sustainability: As a supervisor in the hydroponics research lab and founder of the Hydroponics Club, Erica Manchester ’17 pursued innovative ways to create sustainable growing methods.

Erica Manchester '17

Crowning Achievement: Faith and service guided newly anointed Miss Rhode Island Nicolette Peloquin ’17 to academic and personal triumph.

Nicolette Peloquin '17

Marissa Ballard '17

Marrissa Ballard '17 joins her classmate Caitlin Downing '17 to discuss how she used every facet of her English communications major and Salve Regina experience to transform herself into a champion for women's rights and social justice.

From advanced degree programs to competitive positions with Fortune 500 companies, members of the Class of 2017 are finding success in their chosen fields. Graduating students and their faculty members were recently invited to submit success stories to SALVEtoday.

Class of 2017 shares success stories